zionismus.info. Miss Row-Ha The Wall. Weyl also served in the synagogue Kaiserstraße, New Synagogue and Lindenstraße. That was the usual way in which Nazi prohibitions were publicised. He ran a kosher mineral-water and soft-drink factory on a site adjacent to the synagogue in the same block. 1,337 people like this. "It is now the most beautiful synagogue in Germany," the cultural affairs director of the Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin, Peter Sauerbaum, said. The Jewish community in Berlin with more than 11,000 members is once again the biggest in Germany. Tel : +49 30 26947920. Detailed maps and GPS navigation for the hike: "Neue Synagoge Berlin – Die Hackeschen Höfe Loop from Oranienburger Tor" 00:56 h 3.66 km Munich - Tel Aviv - All Rights Reserved. [15], On 16 February 1934 the synagogal choir under Kurt Burchard (1877–1942, Auschwitz) enacted for the first time the new Friday night liturgy that had been composed by Jakob Dymont (1881–1956), choirmaster at Adass Jisroel synagogue. Some followed old style (Alter Ritus), such as the Old Synagogue on Heidereutergasse 4, especially for the members clinging to the so-called intra-community orthodoxy (Gemeindeorthodoxie, as opposed to seceded orthodoxy [Austrittsorthodoxie], the proponents of which had seceded from Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin establishing Adass Jisroel in 1869). 20.08.2016 - Die Synagoge in der Oranienburger Straße, Grafik, Rohbock, Ludwig, 1870 Leo Baeck (1873-1956) was a highly respected rabbi, philosopher and religious leader in Germany. Communist Volkskammer deputy Julius Meyer [de] (1909–1979), president of the union of Jewish congregations in East Germany (not including Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin), was interrogated between 6 and 8 January, when GDR officials prompted him to declare in the name of the Jewish community that there is no anti-Semitism in communist states, that Israel is a fascist state and that he acknowledges the Slánský trial. 0 Ratings 0 Want to read; 0 Currently reading; 0 Have read; This edition was published in 1992 by Edition Hentrich in Berlin. Members of these associations are committed to maintaining the highest standards. Collection Title: William A. Rosenthall Judaica Collection - Prints and Photographs Contributing Institution: On 12 September 2004 the centenary of Rykestrasse synagogue was solemnly celebrated, cantor Jochen Fahlenkamp singing "Adoshem Malach" by former Rykestrasse choir conductor and composer Jakob Dymont (1860-1956). Detailed maps and GPS navigation for the hike: "Neue Synagoge Berlin – Die Hackeschen Höfe Loop from Oranienburger Tor" 00:56 h 3.66 km 1,408 people follow this. Der noch vorhandene Teil des Bauwerks steht unter Denkmalschutz. 23.03.2016 - Erkunde Chayas Pinnwand „Synagoge“ auf Pinterest. The plan to install an organ – as realised in Berlin's New Synagogue in 1861 – was given up after a hefty debate. Altogether there were more than 90 places for prayer. this map, Oranienburger Strasse The Synagoge Rykestraße survived the Nazis and the war almost unscathed. Because of its eastern Moorish style and resemblance to the Alhambra, it is an important architectural monument of the second half of the 19th century in Berlin. [17] Instead the Nazis ordered – as in other comparable sites too[18] – a "mere" vandalisation and demolition of furnishings, since the synagogue is located inside of a block of residential buildings. Salomon Blaustein (1847–1933) and Bernhard Kassel, Media related to Synagoge Rykestraße at Wikimedia Commons, Entrance from the courtyard of Rykestraße No. nahost-politik.de / On Sunday, 11 March 1962 Rabbi Riesenburger, who was also an organist, inaugurated an organ installed for the first time in the preserved location, which he played in concerts of traditional Berlin synagogal organ music. Thus rabbis of mainstream and Orthodox affiliation served the congregants. However, as the long practice showed since 1945, it was not the property title, anyway discretionarily not respected by the communist East German rulers, which allows the de facto usage, but usage depended on the pure goodwill of the rulers. Religionsschule) in the front building. Germany was seen by Jews as temporary and so the model of the umbrella When Reviews. The inauguration saw rabbis bringing the Torah to the synagogue, in a ceremony witnessed by political leaders and Holocaust survivors from around the world. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. The New Synagogue (Neue Synagoge), along with the Jewish Museum and the Holocaust memorial is one of Berlin's most significant Jewish landmarks. On the high holidays the German High Command allowed them to attend services in Rykestraße Synagogue. On 25 February 1988 the GDR government reversed the property transfer of 1944, thus Jüdische Gemeinde von Berlin (East) held again property title to the Synagogue. 17), pp. klick-nach-rechts.de 1990ies Berlin was the fastest growing Jewish community in the world. umbrella organization ran 16 synagogues (Jewish Address Book, 1931), 7 of The Neue Synagogue is of Moorish architecture. The rabbis also alternately served at other synagogues of Jüdische Gemeinde, some restricting themselves to only Alter Ritus or Neuer Ritus synagogues, some serving wherever the gabba'im invited them. [33] After his death in 1965 Riesenburger was succeeded by Rabbi Ödön Singer. Jewish displaced persons, who survived the Shoa and were stranded in Berlin, used to live in the front building. Engraving by August Weger. The Jewish Community of Berlin is a “unified community” (Einheitsgemeinde), which includes eight synagogues – Ashkenazy-orthodox, Sephardic-orthodox, liberal, egalitarian and conservative. [13] On 25 January the same year Synagogenverein gathered for a lecture and made the case for unitary siddur and machzor, denying aiming at Reform but at restoring the minhag as it used to be until by 1928, claiming that most congregants disliked the traditionalist changes since. Römische Architektur Klassische Architektur Engel Reisen Pariser Dekor Ornamentik Fassade Haus Katholisch Bilder Paris Frankreich. Postfach 900504 - D-81505 München The building lies on the Oranienburger Straße and was constructed from 1859 to 1866. Find the perfect neue synagoge berlin berlin stock photo. Rykestraße congregant Georg Heilbrunn (1887–1971; brother of the aforementioned Sally Heilbrunn), president of the Rykestraße gabba'im, was elected member of the East Berlin community board. Published Leipzig: Verlag von Baumgärtner's Buchhandlung. The Power of Symbols The Alhambra in a Global Perspective Edited By Francine Giese and Ariane Varela Braga [28], Berlin's Chief Rabbi Nathan Peter Levinson [de] then urged Galinski, who rather maintained a low political profile after the Soviets had deported his predecessor, to warn Jews in the east of the upcoming persecution, which he did by way of a press conference held in West Berlin. 53, List of rabbis serving at Rykestraße Synagogue, List of cantors serving at Rykestraße Synagogue. [20] Many windows had been destroyed. Free shipping and pickup in store on eligible orders. / Georg Heilbrunn and Israel Rothmann held speeches, the latter praising the great Soviet Union and the GDR government. which is loaded with great restaurants, we passed it almost every day. He informed the city council that on Friday, 13 July 1945, the first shabbat ceremony was held, also attended by Soviet City Commander Nikolai Berzarin, however using the better preserved and smaller weekday prayer hall. [25], In 1952 Heinz Galinski, since 1949 president of still undivided Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin, commissioned Heinz Juliusberger, head of its construction department, to prepare and supervise an extensive renovation of the synagogue, being the sole functioning synagogue in the eastern sector of Berlin. ^ Hermann Simon, Die Synagoge Rykestraße (1904–2004), Berlin: Hentrich & Hentrich and Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin / Centrum Judaicum, 2004, (Jüdische Miniaturen; vol. According to Berlin's anti-Semitism commissioner, Sigmount Koenigsberg, the incident took place at the capital’s Tiferet Israel synagogue. Die Synagoge in Berlin Description: Color offset print reproduction of the exterior of the New Synagogue in Berlin. This video is unavailable. 1.3K likes. (enlarged version of the map above). Search. A mezuzah – a decorative case containing a parchment with verses from the Torah that is affixed on the doorpost of Jewish homes and synagogues – was broken up, and swastikas were drawn on the parchment. [4] In this the synagogue equalled the practice in Lützowstraße Synagogue. [6] During World War I Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin engaged Rabbi Martin Joseph as chaplain for Jewish Russian prisoners of war kept in detention centres at Berlin. However, this was protested in the 1920s by a group of congregants, the so-called Kol Nidrei demonstrators, who ostentatiously left the main prayer hall shortly before the service on the eve of Yom Kippur and then formed a minyan in the hallway, praying Kol Nidrei there, before returning again to the main hall.[11]. Rabbis and other male congregants were arrested and brought to Sachsenhausen concentration camp. On 21 September 1976 East Berlin registered Rykestraße Synagogue as a monument, so public subsidies flowed for the renovations in 1986/1987. [23] Instead it is reported that furniture was stored in the prayer hall. [8] In the 1930s until the closure of the synagogue in 1940, Josef Luster (1886–1943, Auschwitz) presided the board of gabba'im. After more than a year of work to restore its prewar splendor, it was rededicated on 31 August 2007, this time as an Orthodox synagogue, with separate seating and an Orthodox Minyan. Detailed maps and GPS navigation for the hike: "Die Hackeschen Höfe – Neue Synagoge Berlin Loop from Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz" 01:08 h 4.42 km Our Story. not family units are counted), Adass Yisroel 1000, but there are many Skip to main content.ca Hello, Sign in. The synagogue in Berlin's Pestalozzistraße was not set on fire at the November Pogrom due to its location inside a block, the synagogue in Augsburg weathered it, because it neighboured a compound of kerosine tanks, the synagogue in Lübeck, because it stood (and still stands) almost wall to wall to the city's. 20.08.2016 - Die Synagoge in der Oranienburger Straße, Grafik, Rohbock, Ludwig, 1870 .. Gemerkt ... Suchen Sie hier nach historischen Bilder aus Berlin und Umgebung. Create New Account. The second-biggest Jewish place of worship in Europe not only survived survived the Nazis and the Second World War largely undamaged, but also the general neglect of the area in the GDR. See this Tour and others like it, or plan your own with komoot! However, the Jewish community formally remained proprietor of the site. Synagogues in Germany Rykestrasse Synagogue in Berlin. Mit 1200 Plätzen ist sie die gegenwärtig größte Synagoge Deutschlands. community (Einheitsgemeinde) was re-established. Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plans In the afternoon of the same day Berlin's other Jewish community Israelitische Synagogengemeinde Adass Jisroel [de], solely comprising Orthodox members, opened its own synagogue in Artilleriestraße, today's Tucholskystraße. Conservative Judaism services are being held in the synagogue. den angeg. [26] The provisional wall was demolished reopening the access to the aron qodesh and the original bimah, so that the central bimah, disliked by Riesenburger, could be removed again. synagogues and there were the "stiblech" in the "barn quarter" Antonyms for Synagoge. Die Neue Synagoge in Berlin: Simon, Hermann: 9783894680367: Books - Amazon.ca. Nachdem die Gemeinde 1856 ein Grundstück in der Oranienburger Straße erworben hatte, in einem stark jüdisch geprägten Wohnviertel, wurde am 7. Forgot account? Orthodox Rabbi Siegfried Alexander (1886–1943, Auschwitz) won the congregants to elect the first woman, Martha Ehrlich (née Eisenhardt; 1896–1942) as gabba'i, equally participating in gabba'i decisions and tasks, however, except of – unlike her male colleagues – calling congregants up to read the Torah. "Looks like it's free and free is fun" Image from the Moldovan Graphic Collection, Box 5. Prime Cart. die Kupel der neuen Synagoge in Berlin as photo on ClipDealer - Royalty-free images and pictures: Die neue Synagoge in der Oranienbugerstrasse in Berlin. In our texts on the synagogues you will find details and interesting historical information. Today, Berlin has the largest Jewish community in Germany, with 12,000 registered members and eight synagogues. In 1943 the synagogue was hit very hard. (by the author of these pages), These are active maps Old Photos Vintage Photos Jewish Synagogue Victory Parade The Enemy Within Brandenburg Gate Vintage Architecture Berlin Germany Berlin Mitte. Entry is permitted until 17:30 pm and no entry is permitted at any other time. Die neue Synagoge in Berlin Creator (Personal): Weger Description: Black-and-white steel engraving of the exterior of the New Synagogue in Berlin. The upcoming Nazi dictatorship with its anti-Semitic discriminations, invidiousnesses, persecutions, and atrocities changed the lives of German Jewry so thoroughly that disputes on style and traditions fell silent. Community was re-founded. Caption below the image: Die synagoge in der Oranienburger Strasse zu Berlin. Johann Hoeniger [de] built the synagogue in 1903/1904. This video is unavailable. are interessted in), You may get an 9 D-10178 Berlin. Jan 1, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Dror K. Discover (and save!) [14] In the end the protesters prevailed and the Rödelheim siddur and machzor remained in use in Rykestraße Synagogue until today. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. 10seqq. Published Leipzig: Verlag von Baumgärtner's Buchhandlung. Books Advanced Search Today's Deals New Releases Amazon Charts Best Sellers & More The Globe & Mail Best Sellers New York Times Best Sellers Best Books of the Month Children's Books Textbooks Kindle Books Audible Audiobooks Livres en français antisemitismus.net / Before 1933 the Jewish community 2 synonyms for synagogue: tabernacle, temple. On Tuesday, 1 September 1964, Jüdische Gemeinde von Groß-Berlin celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Synagogue. Die damals einzige – später dann „Alte Synagoge“ genannte – Synagoge stand in der Heidereutergasse, in der Nähe des Hackeschen Marktes in Berlin-Mitte und bot nicht mehr ausreichend Platz. Durchsuchbar nach Zeit und Ort. Alexanderstr. [30] On 25 January the GDR started a wave of arrests of Jews. (Scheunenviertel), a poor area, where many East European immigrants lived. The tragedies and hardships of Jews in Berlin are well known. In January 1933 Sally Heilbrunn, Heinrich Loewe [de] (1869–1951, Tel Aviv) and Rabbi Moritz Freier gathered 300 people protesting the replacement of Michael Sachs' Rödelheim siddur (Siddur Sefat Emet סדור ספת אמת) and machzor by the Berlin unitary siddur and machzor (Einheitsgebetsbuch). After the war, the main hall of the synagogue was demolished. However, congregation and rabbi were disappointed of each other so Newman returned to the United States in May 1988. Each synagogue of Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin had its own elected Synagogenvorstand (board of gabba'im), which developed synagogal minhagim including their own peculiarities. Prices and download plans . Jewish Community of Berlin Oranienburger Strasse 28-31 | 10117 Berlin | Telephone: (0 30) 88 02 8-0 | Fax: (030) 88 02 8-103 | service @ jg-berlin . For the high holidays a number of rooms The Linked Data Service provides access to commonly found standards and vocabularies promulgated by the Library of Congress. After his liberation from the Theresienstadt ghetto, he took up residence in London. _uacct = "UA-1471512-1"; On Rosh haShana 1987 (23 September) Isaac Newman assumed his office as rabbi for Jüdische Gemeinde von Berlin (after 1970 the Groß had been skipped). The Jewish school in the front building was forced to close in 1941. In Berlin Hecker had designed the Heinz-Galinski School (1990-95). [Hermann Simon] Home. Hotels near Die Synagoge in Ansbach, Ansbach on Tripadvisor: Find 1,889 traveller reviews, 1,514 candid photos, and prices for 404 hotels near Die Synagoge in Ansbach in Ansbach, Germany. The synagogue's interior, which now seats up to 1,074 people, originally sat 2,000. Five days later on the eve of Rosh haShana the Rykestraße Synagogue was first time used for its actual religious purpose. After the erection of the Berlin Wall the number of members of the Jewish community in the eastern sector of Berlin amounted to about 3,000 persons. The history of the Synagoge Rykestraße: another synagogue for Berlin. Erich Nehlhans [de] (1899–1950, Soviet Gulag), who survived the Shoah living underground, the new president of Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin much promoted the reopening of Rykestraße Synagogue. archimaps - 211 results for berlin. Most Jews in Prenzlauer Berg, however, could not afford to establish a Vereinssynagoge with their own funds. English: The Synagoge Rykestraße in Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg was inaugurated in 1904 and re-opened after a large-scale reconstruction in 2007. Watch Queue Queue. Die Zentrale Orthodoxe Synagoge zu Berlin befindet sich in einem Gebäude, das zu den jüdischen Baude... See More. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. The Neue Synagoge ('New Synagogue') was built 1859–1866 as the main synagogue of the BerlinJewish community, on Oranienburger Straße. Nach der Zersörung durch die Nazis im Jahre 1938 wurde sie in den Jahren 1988-1995 wieder aufgebaut. Die Neue Synagoge an der Oranienburger Straße in der Spandauer Vorstadt im Ortsteil Mitte (Bezirk Mitte) von Berlin ist ein Gebäude von herausragender Bedeutung für die Geschichte der Juden in Berlin und ein wichtiges Baudenkmal. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Kontakt: Try. Also Dymont's Shabbat morning liturgy was presented in the synagogue. Detailed maps and GPS navigation for the hike: "Die Hackeschen Höfe – Neue Synagoge Berlin Loop from Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz" 01:08 h 4.42 km Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Aufl. (May 2003) the Jewish Community in Berlin has 12 000 members (individuals Not Now. Further repairs followed in 1957, 1967, but funds for houses of worship were in short supply from an atheistic government. Die Neue Synagoge Berlin Geschichte, Gegenwart, Zukunft 2., durchges. Today Public tours through the Rykestrasse Synagogue are available on Thursdays between 14:00 and 18:00 and Sundays between 11:00 and 16:00. haGalil - The gabba'im decided to allow women and men sitting side by side, despite criticism from some Orthodox members. Explore the George Eastman Museum's collections online. DeutschAkademie Language School Berlin. During the Morì prima che i lavori fossero terminati e l’opera fu completata da August Stüler e consacrata nel 1866. Built in 1866, to seat 3200 people as the largest Jewish place of worship in Germany, the Neue Synagogue was literally a symbol of the thriving Jewish community. His work for the Berlin Jewish community, which began in 1912, included a tenure at the College for Jewish Studies (Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums) through 1942. ISBN 3-933471-71-0 The Synagogue can easily be accessed by public transport through the underground line U2 (stations Senefelderplatz and Eberswalder Strasse) and the tramway line M2 (stations Knaackstrasse and Marienburger Strasse). Community See All. haGalil onLine® bzw. 308 check-ins . [Nora Goldenbogen] Home. In 1989 the Adass Yisroel Berlin Tours about Jewish history A new central bimah replaced the original one located directly in front of the aron qodesh and thus also screened off by the wall. The synagogue designed by architect Max Fraenkel was dedicated in 1910 and provided seating for 836 people. Yisroel Community. Ulrich Eckhardt, Andreas Nachama with Heinz Knobloch and Elke Nord. Deutschland, Berlin-Mitte, Die Neue Synagoge in der Oranienburger Strasse, Detail der Hauptkuppel Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images The prayer hall lacked most of its benches and the aron kodesh was screened off by a raw provisional wall built after April 1940. mainstream (also called liberal, in today's English terminology 'conservative'), Israelitische Synagogengemeinde Adass Jisroel, Rabbinerseminar für das Orthodoxe Judentum, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rykestrasse_Synagogue&oldid=952148442, Interlanguage link template existing link, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Max Weyl (17.02.1873-27.09.1942, deported to, no services at Rykestraße Synagogue between April 1940 and July 1945, Isaac Newman (b. Sanitary installations had been dismantled and the destroyed windows exposed the interior to the impact of weather. Today 7 synagogues Datasets available include LCSH, BIBFRAME, LC Name Authorities, LC Classification, MARC codes, PREMIS vocabularies, ISO language codes, and more. [3] Rykestraße Synagogue adopted a compromise minhag close to Alter Ritus. By 1990 the community counted a mere 200 members and had no longer had a rabbi. In 1904 Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin opened a Jewish religious school (VI. Designed by Eduard Knoblauch in the Moorish style, it was built between 1859 and 1866. Find hotel near Neue Synagoge. In the middle of Prenzlauer Berg is the biggest synagogue in Berlin. Neue Synagoge Berlin. The impressive house of prayer in the Berlin Mitte, shines in full brightness since 1995. Buy Gebetbuch F R Die Neue Synagoge in Berlin... by Anonymous online on Amazon.ae at best prices. What are synonyms for Synagoge? [19] A fire ignited and burning torah scrolls and smashed furniture was soon extinguished before spreading to the actual building. In May 1942 the borough of Prenzlauer Berg declared its will to acquire the site paying the ridiculous sum of reichsmark (ℛℳ) 191,860 and with effect of 1 September 1944 the site was conveyanced to the borough. The golden dome dominates the skyline of central Berlin. [21] Regular Jewish ceremonies could be held until, on 12 April 1940, Jüdisches Nachrichtenblatt announced that services would not held be any more in Rykestraße and in the also reopened New Synagogue until further notice. The latter sent Arnold Zweig and Robert Havemann as its representatives. by Hermann Simon. 1923), officiated September 1987 till May 1988, Leo Juda Leib Ahlbeck (1880–?, emigrated to Britain in 1939), succeeded by, Joseph Schallamach (b. The furnishings (chandeliers, lustres, menorot, ner tamid, cupper coverings of doors) of the synagogue made from non-ferrous metal, which was scarce and much needed for war production, were not dismantled.[24]. Different wings of Judaism thus were forced by German Cantors on weekdays before 1940: Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. 1995-2014 © After the German Reunification, in the year 1991, the foundation stone was laid for the new building. Watch Queue Queue 23.03.2016 - Erkunde Chayas Pinnwand „Synagoge“ auf Pinterest. With its 1200 seats it is the biggest synagoge in Germany. Berlin Synagogues - History. La nouvelle synagogue (Neue Synagoge en allemand) de la rue Oranienburger, située au centre de Berlin, n'est pas, malgré son nom, un monument moderne.C'est un bâtiment ayant une signification émotive importante pour la population juive de Berlin, et un monument public remarquable de la deuxième moitié du XIX e siècle. According to Berlin's anti-Semitism commissioner, Sigmount Koenigsberg, the incident took place at the capital’s Tiferet Israel synagogue. It is supposed by the American Jewish Berlin Synagogues - History. The Stasi searched community offices all over the GDR, leading to renewed exodus from the GDR by Jews. A mezuzah – a decorative case containing a parchment with verses from the Torah that is affixed on the doorpost of Jewish homes and synagogues – was broken up, and swastikas were drawn on the parchment. Neue Synagoge Berlin – Die Hackeschen Höfe Loop from Oranienburger Tor is an easy hike. Find the travel option that best suits you. So in 1902 Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin bought the site in Rykestraße [de] and its building master Johann Hoeniger (1850–1913) was commissioned to design and supervise the building of this new synagogue. [10] On Yom Kippur ceremonies the prayer of Kol Nidrei was skipped, as was typical for Neuer Ritus style. Hello, Sign in. Try Zentrale Orthodoxe Synagoge zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany. Visit Seller's Storefront. Wegen seiner Geschichte hat Mostar, wie wir es jetzt kennen, zwei unterscheidende teile: die alte, wie alte Stadt, die vom frühen 16. jahrhundert datiert, und das moderne von den fünfziger Jahren gedankenlos zum Eingang zur Stadt, werden Sie durch Spuren des Mischens der Kulturen und der Zivilisationen so in einem Radius von hundert Metern, die Sie eine Moschee sehen können, von Façade, showing the onion dome c. 1881. During the dark period of Nazi rule, a lot of Jews were tortured to death and were actually an integral part of the making of Germany initially. Heft 5 . Other websites. See more of Zentrale Orthodoxe Synagoge zu Berlin on Facebook. Title: Synagoge ('Die neue Synagoge in Berlin'). Rechteinhabern Committee that the total number is between 20 000 and 30 000. 1958 was no other choice than to demolish the house completely. 1907, emigrated to Shanghai), also serving as, Paul Hecht (1897–?, emigrated by 1953 to the USA), Jochen Fahlenkamp (1953-), officiating since 1998, This page was last edited on 20 April 2020, at 19:50. Weitere Ideen zu neue synagoge, sakrale architektur, architektur. Services are held on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Tours are offered in German; an English tour starts at 16:00 on Thursdays. The Neue Synagoge ("New Synagogue") is a synagogue in Bezirk Mitte, Berlin, Germany. His work for the Berlin Jewish community, which began in 1912, included a tenure at the College for Jewish Studies (Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums) through 1942.